On Social Media.

On Social Media.

The freshness of a new year, when all are looking forward to the start of or culling of habits. I know some fuss about all the resolutions made during this time of year, but I am not one of them. Health and inner peace, goals and self care are all things I’m thrilled to see others pursue. And I, like so many, know the start/stop nature of these sorts of things.

So to you, with your fresh starts and plans, I’m rooting for you!

I’ve been pondering fresh starts of my own. About six months ago, I started tracking my smart phone usage via a free app called Moment.

The addiction was too obvious to ignore.

I realized I had been slipping through life, distracted, always looking for that next dopamine hit by way of pushing my home button 150+ times a day. {truth}

When I wasn’t feeling distracted, I was depressed. Never good enough. Because that’s the thing with social media, it paints such an idyllic picture of life with folks showing off their best and hiding their worst.

So I’d see these perfectly dressed women, long hair flowing, gathering eggs in their $175 linen overalls while I’m over here wearing my pajamas and husband’s boots feeling like I wasn’t one of the cool kids…

Can you see the slippery slope this is? Can you imagine what those perfect little photos do to our minds? It’s so easy to forget these shots arent real life. We forget they’re curated.

In the end, the biggest revelation came when I acknowledged that my smart phone and social media usage were all a means of entertainment. Have you ever considered that?

The videos.

The photos.

The comment wars.


Its all entertainment.

“But it’s about connection! I can keep up with people,” I tried to reason with myself.

But is it really connection?

Sure, I knew when someone was pregnant or moving or pissed off about a recent political event. But would I call that person if someone I loved died? Or what if that facebooker became terribly ill, would they call me for help?!

No and no.

So I’ve been trying to stay away and I’ve found I suddenly have way more TIME (a terribly precious, non renewable resource mind you) for other things in my life.

But I also miss it too.

I miss keeping up with my flesh and blood friends. I miss seeing their kids’ sweet dance moves (here’s looking at you, Bethani) or their amazing talents – be it photography (Aubri) or drawing (Lindsey) or writing (Nicole) or just rocking the whole Mom thing (Stephanie, Sarah). And when I see babies turning into toddlers (Krissy, Dana, Lori), my ovaries scream and I think maybe we could have just one more?!


I don’t know the answer. Balance has never been my strong suit. But here’s to hoping and striving for it anyway.

How do you balance the illusion of reality on social media? How do you keep your mind in check?

3 thoughts on “On Social Media.”

  • I totally get this. I actually installed Moment at the beginning of the year and was/am shocked to see how much time I spend on my phone. Social media is built to be addictive and the perfect platform for comparison BUT you are right, there are good things too. I take breaks occasionally and love it when I’m off but realize getting back on that I have missed things, people, events. Balance is a unicorn but we can try to be intentional in the moment. Love you friend. Xo

    • It’s build to be addicted. Yes, exactly. And remembering that has helped to fuel staying away. I will not be owned, thank you very much!

      But again, I miss lovely souls like yours. And when distance is a factor, the interwebs brings us a whole lot closer.

      • Yes- and Marco Polo has been amazing since Ri’s best bud moved away last month. They message each other almost daily.

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