Preserving Fall’s Glory

Preserving Fall’s Glory

It looks to be that this is the last week of warmth for Ohio. Fall has finally arrived. But just as quickly as she sweeps in, wooing us with her colors and smells, she’s gone, leaving us all wishing we had paid her just a bit more attention.

There’s a point every year when the trees are bursting with reds and yellows, that we think, “this is it! take it in!” because we know that its just one strong rain storm away from destruction. Each year, i find myself thinking Too Fast.

But we’re changing things.

After finding inspiration from Robin over at Handmade Homestead, we headed out for the makings of our own Fall Leaves Garland.

Maybe this could be the thing that lets Fall hold on, just a little bit longer.

All leaves collected, we warmed beeswax and started dipping. (I repurposed an old, dud of a past DIY – Peppermint beeswax candle. Smelled great, wouldn’t stay lit.)

This little house of ours filled with the scent of peppermint and honey, the kids lost enthusiasm much quicker than I did. But isn’t that how these things usually go? If mothering has taught me anything its that our kids are their own beings, what Mom deems cool may just not be.

None the less, we’re all pleased with the result and disagreements ensued as to where to hang it. This momma votes for the Never Quite Empty sink.

How are you slowing down and enjoying Fall?

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