Empty Nesting

Empty Nesting

Friends. I am a woman in mourning.

My geese have left me. They’re still breathing mind you, but its pairing season and apparently, this Momma Goose is no longer fulfilling their needs.

Leave and cleave – or something like that.

Our geese originally came from our neighbors up the hill. They own a flock of 5 geese that have full reign of their property and I suspected that someday they would all join up but secretly hoped it wouldn’t happen.

Nonetheless, here we are.

My suspicions arose when Ella (pronounced like the spanish word for Her) ran off leaving Edward a honking mess. I thought the apocalypse had come and apparently so did he. Boots on, I traipsed up the hill to find Ella lagging behind the Group. I managed to separate her out, walked her back home and wasn’t above bribery – giving her apple cores and promising more if she stayed around.

Then two days ago we heard unending honking and just KNEW that both Edward and Ella had gone up the hill. We, again, brought them back home but within in hours, they had gone their own way again.

I am now like the listless, empty nester.

Dont get me wrong, they are meat birds. But thats the crux of raising your own food, you love and appreciate them. You give them the life their supposed to have – room to roam, fresh grasses, lots of sunshine and water and of course, apple cores.

Our intent was the make Edward and Ella a breeding pair though I realize that might have been a bit optimistic as we never really knew their sex. Names were arbitrarily picked my Jonah and Jane so it seems, they weren’t the pair we were hoping for.

But, Im still holding out hope that one of them will come back, new partner in tow. And I will be dutifully waiting, apple cores a plenty.

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