So, you want to homeschool?

So, you want to homeschool?

Before I had kids, if you would have asked if I would homeschool, I would have responded with a resounding, “HEEEEECK NO!” Never did I imagine that I would soon be starting this journey but thats life isn’t it? So should you be in the same boat, know that you’re not alone! I think its healthy and valuable to talk out your fears so allow me to do just that…

Fear #1 – You are your child’s teacher.

This means there’s no one else! YOU are the one held responsible if they’re not calculating algebraic equations or don’t have their shoes on the right feet. That’s a lot of responsibility to bare!

On top of that, it takes WORK! Who’s heard from their teacher friends about long days and late nights spent writing lesson plans? I know I have!

Being my child’s teacher means that I must be willing to put in the work, research and dedication to make my child a success. Which brings me to my next fear…

Fear #2 – Am I enough?

Aside from this question being one that many women struggle with in general, Ive found that its especially prevalent when considering homeschooling.

We are conditioned to believe that the traditional school model is the BEST way to educate our children.

Because after all, they’ve got TEACHERS with DEGREES and EXPERIENCE. The title of Teacher is synonymous with years of schooling and possibly some letters behind your name – so of course, its no wonder we feel inadequate!

Fear #3 – I won’t have enough patience.

As an introvert, I fill my reserve by having time alone. At this point in life, I get two GLORIOUS, 3-hour long sessions a week where I can steal away to recharge while my kids attend Montessori.

This, THIS, is probably the single most daunting aspect of homeschooling – being with my children ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Just saying that makes my eye start to twitch a bit. So this will certainly be a challenge we will have to navigate.

Any tips from you more seasoned, homeschooling folks?!

But as much as there is to fear and fret over, there is SO much more to be excited about!

My kids will be home with me all day!

“Wait…weren’t you just complaining about that?” …yes, BUT them being home all day means I wont miss a thing! So when my 3 year old succeeds in cutting along a straight line, Ill be there.

Or when addition and subtraction finally CLICK for my 6 year old, Ill be the first to congratulate him.

Keeping them home means I get a front-and-center-view as they discover all that life has to teach them!

Freedom and flexibility

While I acknowledge that different states require varying documentation, there is such freedom and flexibility in homeschooling. My kids have been attending a Montessori preschool/kinder for the last few years. I know what the “morning hustle” is like and it usually entails some sort of yelling and everyone starting the day frustrated and on edge.

Homeschooling means we can make our own schedule and change it as necessary! “Need to run errands today? Sure! Read to me while we drive.” or “Lets go to the aquarium and learn about invertebrates.”

Oh, and can we all have a moment of silence for no longer having to pack lunches?! WINNING.

Because I know I can…

We can all remember Thomas the Train chugging up hill chanting “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” Im a firm believer that we can speak things into existence through the power of our words and thoughts!

So if you think you can do something, you can! If you think you cant, you’re right! I KNOW I can do this and so can you! I KNOW I can have patience and do the work necessary to teach my children! And should I need a reminder of that, Ive got an AMAZING tribe of homeschooling mommas to back me up!

So what were some fears you had about homeschooling and how did you address them?



6 thoughts on “So, you want to homeschool?”

  • This is something we are struggling with currently. Homeschooling has been on my mind for 3 years. It is something that I often wonder if I am capable of doing well. I think my largest fear is #3 and loosing that sanity break that preschool allows. I think taking time for self care and time to reconnect is essential in this journey! We haven’t developed a tribe where we live yet. So, we plan to use the ymca’s kid zone when I need a midday recharge. You can swim, work out. Walk…all while they are taken care of 🙂

    • Oh goodness Kim, yes!! The Y is my sanity break too so use that to its fullest potential! Its a wonderful reprieve and a great time to focus on yourself for a bit!

  • Kelly, I home Schooled Dustin from 7th grade through 9th grade because he was so far behind in school with his reading skills and math. I had a cousin that is a math teacher and she helped me with his math skills. I used the Novi Christian Schools program for homeschooling. Spending time with Dustin one on one was the best thing I could have done for him. He was able to catch up with his classmates from High School and wanted to return to school in the 10th grade. When he graduated he was so close to being on the Honor Roll…I am proud of the success we had and wish I would have started when he was small. I congratulate you for doing this for your children. My neighbor has 4 children and home schools them. Sincerely, Laurie Marsh

    • Thanks for sharing Laurie! Im always so encouraged to hear about other homeschooling families and their successes!!

  • I’m so excited to follow your blog after seeing your great article in tThe Blade today!
    I love the concept of tiny houses but have yet to interest my husband, and try to live simply and embrace a minimalist view in our life.
    We homeschooled our three children who are now adults and we have 5 precious grandkids! The one thing I always tell people when asked about homeschooling is -just be sure it’s what God wants you to do!But, as Christians , everything should be like that. There will be many times of doubt for whatever reasons, but the rewards are more valuable than you can measure. Believe in yourself and your ability to know what’s best for your child. I was a mom who didn’t mind being with my kids daily, but my husband was very supportive and I got a break when it was needed.
    I’ll be looking forward to your progress. You’ll find it to be a huge blessing!

    • Tiny house or not, living simply and the minimalist lifestyle can be done anywhere!! And thanks for your kind words about homeschooling! Its all a learning process and we’re feeling it out as we go along! If parenting has taught me anything, its that things never quite go as planned! HA!

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